Postini Transition to Google

Google is transitioning Postini services to the Google platform. Visit this site to get the latest news on the Postini Transition project and to help you prepare for your transition.

Postini Transition Guide

The Postini Transition Guide provides step-by-step instructions for your service transition. The guide also helps you get started with Google and Vault after your service transition is completed.

  • Before my transition
    For links to articles that will help you prepare for your transition, see the home page of the Transition Guide and review the content in the Before my transition section.
  • During my transition
    The steps for your service transition will vary depending on your Postini customer type:
  • After my transition
    If you have completed your service transition, see the home page of the Transition Guide and review the content in the After my transition section.

Note: Google Vault does not support archiving for Lotus Notes/Domino.

News and Updates


October 16, 2015: Customers who transitioned to Google from Postini will continue to renew at their legacy prices until otherwise notified by Google. We will provide advance notice to all customers and partners in advance of any price policy adjustments.

Google Message Discovery migration timeline 

Your Google Message Discovery data migration can take many weeks, depending on the amount of archive data you're migrating. Your Postini services will remain active until your migration is completed.

Support for direct and reseller customers  

Google Support is available to help you with your transition whether you bought Postini direct from Google or through a reseller. Note: If you're a reseller customer, please contact your reseller directly for other inquires.