Postini Transition to Google Apps

Google is transitioning Postini services to the Google Apps platform. To prepare for this transition, we have built email security and archiving features into these services:

  • Google Apps for Work / Government / Education
    A professional suite of hosted email, calendar, and collaboration services
  • Google Apps Vault
    Archiving and discovery services for email

Google Apps email settings also work with non-Gmail mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange, so you don't need to switch to Gmail when transitioning from Postini to Google Apps.*

Visit this site to get the latest news on the Postini Transition project and to help you prepare for your transition.

Postini Transition Guide

The Postini Transition Guide provides step-by-step instructions for initiating your service transition and getting started with Google Apps and Google Apps Vault after your service transition is completed.

  • Before my transition
    For links to articles that will help you prepare for your transition, see the home page of the Transition Guide and review the content in the Before my transition section.
  • During my transition
    The steps for your service transition will vary depending on your Postini customer type:
  • After my transition
    If you have completed your service transition, see the home page of the Transition Guide and review the content in the After my transition section. This section includes links to instructions for using Google Apps and Google Apps Vault.

* Google Apps Vault does not support archiving for Lotus Notes/Domino.

News and Updates

Transition timeline update  

Although your invitation will state a transition deadline date, we highly recommend that you take action as quickly as possible due to these important dates.

  • December 15, 2014: We expect to invite the majority of remaining customers.
  • January 15, 2015: All remaining customers will be invited.
  • March 15, 2015: All customer transitions must begin.

Please contact Google Support if you have at least 1000 seats in Postini and need to transition sooner.

New & updated features  

Google Apps Unlimited  

Customers can upgrade to Google Apps Unlimited after transitioning to Google Apps. Legacy Postini pricing will not be maintained.

Check your transition readiness  

Sign in as root to the Postini Admin Console and click the Transition Console link to access a screen with preparation steps.

Upcoming Hangout on Air presentations  

There are no scheduled Hangouts at this time. Subscribe to our Postini Google+ page for feature updates and information.

Transition support for reseller customers  

Please contact your reseller directly for questions about your transition. Google Support is available to help you after you've been invited or have begun your transition.