Postini Transition to Google Apps

Google is transitioning Postini services to the Google Apps platform. To prepare for this transition, we have built email security and archiving features into these services:

  • Google Apps for Business / Government / Education
    A professional suite of hosted email, calendar, and collaboration services
  • Google Apps Vault
    Archiving and discovery services for email

Google Apps email settings also work with non-Gmail mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange, so you don't need to switch to Gmail when transitioning from Postini to Google Apps.*

Visit this site to get the latest news on the Postini Transition project and to help you prepare for your transition.

Postini Transition Guide

The Postini Transition Guide provides step-by-step instructions for initiating your service transition and getting started with Google Apps and Google Apps Vault after your service transition is completed.

  • Before your transition
    For links to articles that will help you prepare for your transition, see Before your transition.
  • During your transition
    The steps for your service transition will vary depending on your Postini customer type:
  • After your transition
    If you have completed your transition, see After your transition for instructions on using Google Apps and Google Apps Vault.

* Google Apps Vault does not support archiving for Lotus Notes/Domino.

News and Updates

Google Apps Unlimited  

Customers can upgrade to Google Apps Unlimited after transitioning from Postini to Google Apps. Legacy Postini pricing will not be maintained.

Message Center is now available  

Today, we are giving our non-Gmail mailbox users more control over what is delivered to and blocked from their inboxes with the launch of Message Center, a web-based console where users can easily identify messages that should and shouldn’t be labeled as spam.

SMTP message relay enhancements  

If you apply policies to mail that is generated at your site on behalf of Google Apps users, such content compliance or DKIM signing, we’ve made a number of SMTP message relay service enhancements, including the ability to configure multiple sets of authentication rules, require SMTP authentication, and enable/disable IP ranges selectively.

Upcoming Hangout On Air presentations 

For scheduled Hangouts On Air, please subscribe to our Postini Google+ page.

To view the complete set of video tutorials and recordings of Hangout On Air presentations, click the Videos and Hangout recordings tabs above.

User access to Gmail and non-Gmail mailboxes

Google Apps does not support the use of both a Gmail mailbox and another, separate non-Gmail mailbox. For details, see About user access to Gmail and Non-Gmail mailboxes in the Postini Transition Guide.

Getting started with Google Apps Vault

This new article provides details for performing many common tasks in Google Apps Vault that are comparable to Postini archiving.