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Feature improvements


Google rebuilt Postini features based on input from customers over the years. Included are improvements that we expect will be useful to current Google Message Security (GMS) and Google Message Discovery (GMD) customers.

Improvements to GMS functionality in Google

Next-generation features in Google

Email protection and filtering:

  • Capacity to add large numbers of approved and blocked senders, as opposed to Postini's limit of 4000 characters per list.
  • Improved spoofing protection for your domain: Set DKIM signing of all outbound messages.
  • Attachment filtering: Remove attachments that violate policies but allow delivery of the message text.
  • Spam is held for 30 days, versus 14 days with Postini.

Email delivery and routing:

  • Domain restrictions: Restrict the sending and receiving of users' emails to specific domains (often useful in educational environments).
  • Custom routing options: Send to arbitrary routes or smarthosts based on message attributes.
  • Advanced filter options: When a message triggers a filter, you can reroute messages or send to additional recipients.

Management features:

  • Policy inheritance: Automatically set policies for user organizations and sub-organizations.
  • Improved outbound footers: Create rich footers in HTML and set multiple footers based on message filters.
  • International support: Administrative interface available in 28 languages.
  • Google: Customers can easily access our full suite of communications and collaboration tools.
  • Marketplace: Access to cloud-based services that work with Google.

Improvements to GMD functionality in Vault

SePostini features coming soon to Vault in Get started: Postini customers for more information.