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New Google features


This page provides a basic mapping of the key Postini features that are now a part of Google and Vault. In addition, you'll find a list of new features, as well as features that we didn't transfer over from Postini.

  • We've made significant changes to improve our email security package. You might find that some features behave differently than they did in Postini, but the core functions are supported. These features will keep evolving as we continue to make improvements.
  • Your transition from Postini to Google is targeted for 2014 or 2015. Your eligibility for transition will depend on the availability of some Google or Vault features that are comparable to the Postini features you're currently using, as well as the availability of transition utilities. For more details about the timing of your transition, see Timeline.

For more details about the new features in the Google platform, see also Feature improvements and Features not included

To learn how to perform common tasks in the Google Admin console that are comparable to Postini GMS, see Getting started with Google email settings

Postini features being rebuilt into Google email settings

We're taking most of Postini's features (Google Message Security / GMS) and rebuilding them into the Google platform.

Use the table below to see the previous Postini feature and its equivalent in Google.

Postini (GMS) feature Google feature
Spam filtering Gmail spam reporting and automatic protection
Catch unwanted incoming messages.
Virus blocking Gmail virus blocking
Reject all viruses.
Organization policy management Organizational administration
Control users' and organizations' access to services and policies.
Delegated administration Administrator privileges
Give others administrator privileges.
Content Manager Content compliance and Objectionable content
Create content policies and filters.
Admin Blocked Sender Lists Blocked senders setting
Block or approve specific senders.
Admin Approved Senders Lists Spam setting
Set up approved sender lists.
Attachment Manager Attachment compliance settings
Block or reroute messages based on type, name, and size.
Compliance Footer Append footer setting
Add footer text to outbound messages.
Log Search Log Search
Evaluate message transit in your organization.
Delivery Manager Mail routing and delivery
Manage traffic to your mail servers.
TLS Controls TLS encryption
Require encryption of both inbound and outbound messages.
Quarantine Summary Quarantine Summary
Get a summary of filtered spam messages. This feature will be available for customers with non-Gmail mail services only.
Outbound filtering Filter outbound messages (SMTP relay service)
Filter for policy and content compliance. 
Reporting Aggregate reports
Get visibility into the traffic patterns across your organization.
Message Center Message Center
Users can manage their quarantined messages by logging in from any standard Web browser.
Admin Quarantine Admin quarantine (Quarantines tab)
This feature enables you to capture a message prior to delivery, and place it into a queue/quarantine that is accessible only to administrators or to another appropriate designee. The admin can then release the message for onward delivery or choose to not do so.

Postini archiving and discovery features being rebuilt into Vault

We're taking most of the Google Message Discovery (GMD) features and rebuilding comparable features into Google Vault; see Postini features included with Vault in Get started: Postini customers for more information.